Health & Safety

There is nothing like the peace of mind of knowing your programme is up to speed with all necessary health and safety regulations and that you have first-rate systems in place.  This workshop will concentrate on:

  • Ensuring your programme understands MSD audit requirements under new legislation especially the Vulnerable Children Act.
  • Learning when to keep information close and when to share it
  • Promoting excellence in health & safety management using practical systems
  • Hazard management, including Health & Safety Act requirements
  • How to promote/foster positive health & safety management in the workplace
  • Induction of all children, staff (including volunteers) and visitors to potential risks
  • How to assess risk when filling out risk analysis and management forms


This training is not just for the supervisor as all employees have a responsibility for making the work place safe.  This means having awareness about everything – eyes in the back of your head.  By being trained, staff is significantly more likely to reduce the risk of accident, incident or injury.

Facilitator: Pam Hughes


Phillipstown Hub 39 Nursery Road, Phillipstown


10:00am - 1:00am 1st August 2018


$50 Members
$100 Non-members

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