For Caregivers & Whanau

What is OSCAR?

OSCAR is the term used for out of school care and recreation services that operate for school aged children aged 5 –14 years.

Programmes may operate before school, after school or during school holidays. OSCAR services vary throughout New Zealand reflecting the diversity of their communities

The OSCAR Network provides support to programmes but is not a programme provider. We do not assess, endorse, approve, license or fund programmes.


Any programme that runs out of school hours is classed as an 'OSCAR' programme, some use the term OSCAR in their name and some don't.

OSCAR Programmes are run individually by different groups. OSCAR Network in Christchurch DOES NOT manage programmes.

Because each programme is run by different groups, they have different hours and costs. You should also be aware that a lot of programmes have a waiting list, mainly for After School but some also operate waiting lists for Holiday Programmes. You need to check directly with the programme. The same applies for registration of your child/ren on a programme. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding a programme, please direct them to the Supervisor and/or management of that programme.

The programmes listed here are all members of the OSCAR Network and the Network endeavours to have all information correct and up-to-date but must rely on it's members to contact them with any changes, if you have any problems with (especially) the contact numbers please let us know through the 'contact us' link.