Establishing an OSCAR Programme

Is there a need for an OSCAR Programme?

  • Contact other caregivers
  • Talk with local school principals
  • Have people indicated a need for a place for children to go when school is out?
  • Check what is available already for 5 – 14 year olds
  • Survey caregivers


How to provide an out of school care programme

  • Think about what kind of a programme you want to provide.
  • What are your aims and objectives?
  • Use the results of your survey as a guide
  • Become a member of The OSCAR Network (link here) for additional support


Read the OSCAR Standards  and select the;

  • Management Structure
  • Venue
  • Budget, funding and fees
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Programming and administration systems
  • Equipment
  • Staff


Commencing your OSCAR Programme
Before you can set a starting date you need to have:

  • All the above sorted out
  • Advertised and appointed staff, link here for Vulnerable Children Act,
  • Promoted your service and taken enrolments
  • Finalised any contracts, including insurance


While you do not need to be a Ministry of Social Development OSCAR approved provider to run a programme, the benefits are; that they provide reassurance to parents and caregivers that a programme is properly run and takes place in a safe environment for children. In addition, parents and caregivers may qualify for an OSCAR Subsidy.

Parents of children attending unapproved programmes cannot receive an OSCAR Subsidy.


Establishment Booklet

Send an email to with your contact details

Because we know how expensive setting up costs can be we are offering a reduced  membership rate  of only $50 for your first year.